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Last day with the campers from Amery

The campers from Our Savior’s in Amery are on their way home now.  It was a great week!

It was another intense night of Hula Launchers last night!

The campers from OSLC have gotten very good at this game!

Today we had our closing ceremonies for the Olympics!  Each nation is pictured with the flag that they created on Sunday.
The proud 4th place Phluphatopians!

The UPL’s (The United People of Luther) got 3rd place! 
The Land of DAVE! came in 2nd place!
And the Tigers came in 1st place, winning the gold medal!

The Tigers got to vote on which staff member they wanted thrown into the lake!

Video clip of the reading of the votes

The Tigers got a two-for-one deal by voting for Anna and Anna.  So they got to send both Anna’s into the lake!
The Tigers with their gold medals and trophy

Way to go Tigers!

Video clip of the Anna’s going into the lake

One last group picture!

Crazy campers and staff!

Thanks for a great week!  We hope you guys have a fun rest of the summer!

Last Day of the Olympics!

It was another beautiful day at Luther Dell.  It was very warm with lots of sun!

Before lunch we played a few games of Ships Across the Ocean!

Video clip of Ships Across the Ocean

To combat the heat this afternoon, there was a game of Water Balloon Nuke ‘Em!

Gaga has been a hit all week!

For one of the games during free time, they made a rule that you had to grunt or make a funny noise every time you hit the ball.  It was pretty entertaining!

Our Olympic event today was Noodle Hockey.  Two teams play at a time and each player has a noodle.  The object of the game is to get the gator ball in to the opposing team’s net.  You can not use your feet in this game, so if the ball touches a player’s foot, they have to raise their noodle in the air and count to five before resuming play.

Video clip of Noodle Hockey

Video clip of the end of Noodle Hockey
We will have our Olympic Closing Ceremony tomorrow morning.  The winning team will get to vote on a staff member to throw into the lake to conclude the Closing Ceremony!

Tonight we played another game of Hula Launchers!  That has become the favorite game of the Our Savior’s campers and they have gotten really good at it!  We will include pictures from that tomorrow.

Hula Launchers and Drawn to the Word

The internet has been going in and out today, so it has been a challenge to get this posted.  Here are the pictures and video clips from last night.  We will continue to work to get the update from today posted as soon as we can.  It’s been another beautiful day and all is well here at Luther Dell!

Last night we played Hula Launchers!

Video clip from Hula Launchers

Video Clip from the end of one of the games
This game was such a favorite that the campers voted to play it again tonight!

Last night we had Paul Oman come out with his Drawn to the Word Ministry.  During worship he painted a mural of the parable of the vineyard workers, which was the story that the kids learned about in Bible Study earlier.

The Parable of the Vineyard Workers

We enjoyed having Paul and his family at camp for a couple days!  We are so thankful that he was able to share his gifts with us in worship!  What a neat ministry!

It was a colorful sunset last night!

Our schedule for today!

First Word
Cabin Cleanup
Bible Study/ One on Ones/ Cabin Time
Game Time – Ships Across the Ocean and Rat-a-tat-tat
Simmer/ Nap time
Free Time/Beach open
Free Time/Canteen open
Team Building
Olympics – Noodle Hockey
Rendezvous/ Time with God
Hula Launchers 2
Church meeting

Street Square Tournament and Minute to Win It!

Today during free time we had a street square tournament!  Street square is like 4 square but a little crazier.  You can bounce it off the walls of the patio, your feet, and the people waiting in line.  You can also hit it multiple times in the air as long as it only bounces in your square once.

Street Square Official David
Street Square Score Keeper Anna

Time for a score update!

 Reading of the final scores

In 2nd place: Dylan! 

And our winner: Tommy!
Congratulations Tommy!
Our Olympic events today were Minute to Win It Challenges and Choose Thine Option.  For the Minute to Win It Challenges each team sent up a member to represent their team and compete in the challenge.

Minute to Win It Challenges

Ping Pong Ball Challenge

Cup Stacking

The final two went into a stack-off!

Golf Ball Stacking

Cookie Face Challenge!

 Straw Challenge

Coin Spin and Stop

Choose Thine Option
There are three options: Dancing, Karate, and Buoy.  When the leader turns around and does an action, if your action matches the leader, you’re out.  The last one standing wins!

The Final Four

Video Clip of Choose Thine Option

Celebrating after a victory for The Land of DAVE!

Another round of Choose Thine Option

We played Hula Launchers tonight and then had a great worship with Paul Oman painting the  parable of the vineyard workers.  We will post pictures from both of those tomorrow!

Servant Fair!

Last night we had Servant Fair where the staff serve the kids in fun and crazy ways!  Here are pictures from some of the stations:
Hand Massages 

Marker Tattoos 

Nail Painting 

Launching Hula balls at Counselor Zack

video clip of hands-free juice drink!

It’s another beautiful morning at Luther Dell!  It’s supposed to be a warm one today!

Tuesday Fun!

It was another busy day with beautiful weather at Luther Dell!

Here’s a video clip from chapel this morning!

Gospel Light!

Game Time

Rock, Paper, Scissors Challenge

One of the team building activities that the boys did today was the golf ball challenge.  The goal was to get the golf ball through the frisbee golf hole and into a can.  The ball needed to roll the whole way without stopping or rolling backwards, and everyone needed to be involved.

Golf Ball Challenge

It took them many attempts, lots of strategizing, and some frustration but they got it!!

While the guys were doing the golf ball challenge the girls were trying to untangle themselves in the human knot.

Our Olympic event today was a game called Zuba!  There are two teams, each trying to get volleyballs into the opposing team’s net.  We played with three volleyballs at a time, and a combination of soccer and basketball skills and rules are used.  Everyone sings a fun song to start the game!

Video clip of the start of Zuba

Video clip of Zuba

Each team has two goalies!

Video clip of Zuba 

Showing off tie dye fingers in between games of Zuba!

Tonight we had Servant Fair!  We will include pictures from that in a post tomorrow!

Here’s the rest of today’s schedule:

First Word
Cabin Cleanup
Bible Study/ One on Ones/ Cabin Time
Game Time
Simmer/ Nap time
Free Time/Beach open
Free Time/Canteen open
Team Building
Olympics – Zuba
Rendezvous/ Time with God
Servant Fair
Super Happy Fun Times Tuesday Worship
Church meeting
Skittles Night Game

Monday’s Update

We had a busy day yesterday!

In the morning we played Chicken, Cowboy, Conqueror.
Everyone has a partner and when the leader calls one of the three actions, or a combination of them, you have to find your partner and do those actions.  The last pair to do this is out.


The campers had fun learning a new game called Estonian Foosball.


It was a beautiful day for a swim!


Yesterday afternoon we had the opening ceremonies for the Luther Dell Olympics!  The ceremony was complete with staff in togas, the Olympic theme song, and the Olympic torch.  

Everyone was divided into 4 nations.  The first challenge was for each nation to come up with their name and create a flag.  The 4 nations are: Pluphatopia, The Land of Dave, The United People of Luther (The UPLs), and The Tigers.

The Land of Dave creating their nation’s flag

The first Olympic competition was speed pictionary!

The Tigers competing in speed pictionary

The UPL’s competing in speed pictionary

Each day we will have a different Olympic event for the nations to compete in!

Last night we also played a great game of Mighty Mighty!

It was a close game and the teams were very evenly matched!

Here’s the schedule from the rest of the day yesterday!

First Word
Cabin Cleanup
Bible Study/ One on Ones/ Cabin Time
Game Time
Simmer/ Nap time
Swim Tests
Free Time/Canteen open
Team Building
Olympic Opening Cermony, Flag making, Speed Pictionary
Rendezvous/ Time with God
Mighty Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge
Taize Worship
Church meeting
Boys Devotional/Girls Devotional

We are enjoying the great weather!

It was a fun first night with the campers from Our Savior’s!  

We played Shuffle Your Buns
In this game the person in the middle is trying to find and sit down in the open seat.  Everyone else is shuffling to fill the open seat and prevent the person from sitting down.  If you were the last person who was supposed to shuffle but the person in the middle beat you to the seat, you are now in the middle.

We also played Train Wreck
In this game, the person in the middle introduces themselves and says something about them.  If what they said also applies to you, you have to get up and find a new seat.  The person left without a seat is now in the middle.

Then… we combined the two games!  So it starts with the train wreck part and then once people are up trying to find new seats, everyone else shuffles!  It was a little too crazy of a game to get a good video but lots of fun!

And then we headed out to the field to play Medic!

It was a beautiful sunset last night!

And it’s another beautiful day at Luther Dell today!

Perfect for having Bible Studies outside!

Week 3: Our Savior’s is here!

The campers from Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Amery, WI have arrived!  Before dinner they were already busy playing Gaga, volleyball, and playing with the goats!

It’s a beautiful Sunday evening here at Luther Dell!  We are looking forward to a great week!

Our schedule for tonight:

Bible Study
Staff Intros
Shuffle Your Buns Game

See you next year SOTV!

We had the closing ceremony for the Luther Dell Olympics today!

The 1st Place Trophy and Gold Medal went to Team Penguin! 


Each member of the winning team got to vote for a staff team captain to throw into the lake!  Team Penguin voted to throw Team Platyparia’s captain, Dave Peet into the lake!

Dave’s Belly Flop

Good work Team Penguins!

Then on to Closing Worship to wrap up the week!

Video clip from Closing Worship

Time for some group pictures before loading up the bus!

Zippering the bus out!

Goodbye Shepherd of the Valley campers!  Thanks for a great week!  We hope to see you again next summer!

Finally a beautiful day!

It’s been another fun-filled day here at Luther Dell.  We have been enjoying the nice weather and sunshine!  This morning we played a game of Extreme Duck Duck Gray Duck!

Our Olympic game for today was Noodle Hockey!  

Video clip of Noodle Hockey

This was the last part of our Olympic competition.  It was a close finish for the gold, silver, and bronze medals!  Team Penguins won the gold medal, Team Unicornia won the Silver, and Team Jacabazoc won the bronze medal.  We will have our closing ceremonies tomorrow!

Today during free time there was a basketball tournament.  The final two teams played tonight during canteen time with the winners taking on the Luther Dell staff!

Brandon the Official

…..quickly changed into Captain Brandon playing with the Luther Dell Staff

Team Fellowship vs. Luther Dell  Staff

Video clip from the game
It was a great game with a final score of 21-19, with the victory going to Team Fellowship!  Good work guys!
Team Fellowship

Tomorrow is already Friday and we will be sad to see the SOTV campers head home.  It’s been a great week!

Here’s the schedule from the rest of the day!

First Word
Cabin Cleanup
Bible Study/ One on Ones/ Cabin Time
Game Time – Extreme Duck Duck Gray Duck
Simmer/ Nap time
Free Time/Beach open
Free Time/Canteen open
Olympics – Noodle Hockey
Team Building
Rendezvous/ Time with God
Camp Game – Shuffle Your Buns
Church meeting
 Skittle Night Game