Fantastic Friday!!

Fridays are usually a little crazy! After check-out, brunch, and a closing devo, it was finally time for the closing Olympic ceremonies!

IMG_4800 IMG_4797 IMG_4791 IMG_4781

As part of the closing ceremonies, the winning team got to vote in one staff member into the lake, Survivor style. This week, Evan won the honor of being canoed out to the raft to belly flop in

IMG_4813 IMG_4815

After leaving the lake, it was time for our closing chapel with one final skit about the Rehtul Family

IMG_4818 IMG_4821IMG_4828

After closing chapel, it was time for some cabin and church pictures before everyone left for the summer!


IMG_4830 IMG_4849 IMG_4846 IMG_4844 IMG_4843 IMG_4838 IMG_4837 IMG_4836 IMG_4835 IMG_4832

It was another fantastic week here at Luther Dell!