Mighty Mighty Monday!

Like every day, one of the first things we got to do as an entire camp is worship together for our morning chapel

IMG_4978 IMG_4982


We go to have some time doing team building activities and one on ones afterwards, which allowed some of the cabins to have some time to hang out or play games like gaga

IMG_4984 IMG_5005 IMG_5002 IMG_5000 IMG_4998 IMG_4994 IMG_4993 IMG_4985

After lunch we got to have our swim test for the week and once that was finished some free time where the campers played some volleyball in honor of the Rio Olympics.

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It was then time for us to host our own olympics, starting by forming our nations and creating a cheer

The Ladd Terzich’s were named in honor of our Maintenance Man, Samuel Ladd Terzich

After our teams designed their nations and their cheers, it was time for Speed Pictionary!

IMG_5006 IMG_5014 IMG_5009 IMG_5007

IMG_5033 IMG_5038 IMG_5036

Partway through speed pictionary, however, the most exciting vehicle of the entire week arrived, the well drillers


You see, after the campers arrived on Sunday, we discovered that one of our wells was not pumping and we could not fix it ourselves. So Sam jerry-rigged a system to get enough water to the cabins to use the restrooms but not enough to shower. Thanks to these guys, the whole camp could shower again.

After supper, it was time for one of the all-time camp favorites, Mighty Mighty.

Sam had to paint faces to distinguish teams for his first time while on staff (6 years now!). His face just screams, “How is this supposed to work?”

IMG_5039 IMG_5128 IMG_5058 IMG_5054 IMG_5053 IMG_5047 IMG_5041IMG_5107IMG_5062IMG_5105IMG_5104

After Mighty Mighty, it was time for some canteen

IMG_5188 IMG_5186 IMG_5185 IMG_5180 IMG_5175 IMG_5168 IMG_5149

We got to finish the night with a great worship in the outdoor chapel with a beautiful sunset