Terrific Tuesday!!

Today was awesome! We got to start out our morning with Chapel and partway through had a chance to silently pray together

IMG_5194 IMG_5195 IMG_5196 IMG_5197 IMG_5198

Since the weather was holding out, we got to go swimming during free time and play some fun games around camp. We also got to play a new game called Zookeeper where we collect “animals” around camp by doing some goofy things. Here’s one group collecting Wes the Sloth


It was a hot day, so during support staff games we played a dodgeball game called Eliminator in the shade over by the Boys Dorm

13900353_10155080909628835_2675142772227504955_n IMG_5202 IMG_5206 IMG_5207 IMG_5209 IMG_5218

After that, we got to play a game called Zuba which is a combination of handball, basketball, and soccer

IMG_5221 IMG_5226 IMG_5229 IMG_5232 IMG_5234 IMG_5240

Tonight, we got a chance to play Hula Launchers, a game where we shoot nerf balls out of water balloon launchers into nets while a dodgeball game occurs simultaneously

IMG_5249 IMG_5252 IMG_5255 IMG_5258

After the game, we got to enjoy a great sunset during canteen!


We ended the day with our Super Happy Fun Times worship. You can check out our awesome skit below