Wonderful Wednesday!

Today we got to start out our morning with an early chapel since all the Roots were going into Longville for the Turtle Races.

IMG_5272 IMG_5274 IMG_5277

After chapel, the Roots packed out their lunches so they could have Bible Study in Longville before volunteering at the turtle races.

While they were in town, the rest of camp got to have picnic lunches. When we finished eating lunch, we got to have a lot of fun during freetime too.

IMG_5278 IMG_5281 IMG_5289 IMG_5292 IMG_5294 IMG_5297 IMG_5301

During support staff game, we got to play a new game called Dragon tag!

IMG_5303 IMG_5306 IMG_5308 IMG_5314 IMG_5322

After support staff game, we got to play Scrambled Eggs but since there was a large chance of bad storms, we played in upper Sunwall

IMG_5335 IMG_5336 IMG_5338 IMG_5340 IMG_5344

Miraculously, none of the storms that were supposed to hit us did, so instead of watching a movie we got to play Time traveler dodgeball

IMG_5353 IMG_5354 IMG_5355 IMG_5361 IMG_5364 IMG_5368 IMG_5375 IMG_5378 IMG_5381 IMG_5398 IMG_5405 IMG_5417

It was then time for our emotional worship, when the counselors get a chance to pray with each of their campers one on one. It is frequently one of the favorite worship services of the campers during the summer

IMG_5435 IMG_5441 IMG_5442 IMG_5443 IMG_5448 IMG_5452 IMG_5454It was another great evening!