Thunderin Thursday!

This morning was a special morning. We all got to sleep in and have breakfast in bed, and afterwards the roots led us in worship

IMG_5458 IMG_5465 IMG_5473 IMG_5475 IMG_5478


This afternoon, we were able to open the beach for one last day of swimming, and played another fun dodgeball game called Star Wars! After that, we played a large camp game called Rattatattat!

IMG_5492 IMG_5493

After that, it was time for the final Olympic Event, Noodle Hockey! Many teams scored goals, but Ellen’s D’Generous sheep were able to hold onto their lead enough to win the Olympics this week!

IMG_5599 IMG_5498 IMG_5500 IMG_5504 IMG_5514 IMG_5515 IMG_5521 IMG_5530 IMG_5535

The campers all then voted on the game we would play that evening, and by a large majority, Mighty Mighty won!

IMG_5603 IMG_5606 IMG_5608 IMG_5610 IMG_5613

A huge thank you to Ella for letting us use her GoPro footage for the following videos!




We got to end our night by sharing in the Lord’s Supper, singing Holden’s Evening Prayer, and listening to a message from Madi, one of our female counselors.


It was a great last day of camp for the summer!